Working with pain


The latest understandings of pain science and neuroplasticity underpin BCST.  Practitioners work to create the feeling of safety that is required for a client's pain experience to change.  Chronic pain can change with education, a down regulation of the fight or flight response and with 'feeding' new, safe information to the brain through therapeutic touch.

For more information on pain science we encourage anyone interested to view the videos and click on the links below.

Pain is Very Strange

A graphic novel by BCST therapist and tutor, Steve Haines.

Answering questions such as ‘How can I change my pain experience?’,

‘What is pain?’, and ‘How do nerves work?’,  this short research-based graphic book reveals just how strange pain is and explains how understanding it is often the key to relieving its effects. Studies have shown that understanding how pain is created and maintained by the nervous system can significantly lessen the pain you experience. This highly original, gently humorous book explains pain in an easy-to-understand, engaging graphic format and reveals how you can change your mind’s habits to relieve your pain.