CPD and Supervision Requirements

Continuing Professional Development

PACT Rule 4:6 

Practising Members are required to undertake post-graduate Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy studies. In any three-year period, a total of 20 points must be gained in accordance with any policy on Continuing Professional Development currently agreed by the Executive Committee. Point categories are Formal education (1 point per 1 hour) and Supervision (2 points per 1 hour). Members are required to submit evidence of their CPD courses and Supervision sessions when renewing their annual membership with the Association. 


1.  Formal Education (min 20 point totals from category 1 and/or 2 combined) 

  • 1 hour = 1 point (a two day workshop would equate to 16 points)
  • Accredited and unaccredited Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy courses
  • Post-graduate BCST course
  • Repeat of a foundation course
  • Assistant or assistant/trainee tutor in a BCST course. Course tutors are expected to attend another tutor’s course as a participant, assistant or observer.
  • Courses useful to work as a BCST (e.g. shock and trauma education, attachment styles, etc- these will require committee approval prior to using these courses for formal education points).

2.  Supervision 

  • Supervision 


PACT Rule 4:7 All members who have qualified in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy who are applying for full registration as new members, must have no less than 6 hrs clinical Supervision with a PACT approved supervisor within the first 3 years of membership. Documentation must be supplied at re-registration stating the supervisor, date, times and mode of supervision. 

PACT provides a list of approved supervisors for PACT members to contact for Supervision. Supervision sessions can be conducted in person, by Skype or video conference, or by telephone.

First Aid

PACT members need to hold a valid first aid certificate if they live in countries where workplace first aid is a legal requirement. This means completing a registered full 'workplace or equivalent' First Aid Certificate, and then keeping it current. It is the responsibility of each member to select the correct standard of First Aid Course to comply with workplace regulations current in their own country/state.

Please maintain your First Aid certificate records in the 'My Account' area

In New Zealand the Certificate must comply with the minimum requirements for the training of First Aid personnel (workplace first aid) contained in the Health & Safety in Employment Act 1992 and Regulations 1995 and be NZQA accredited. The Refresher courses must be completed every two years to ensure that First Aid personnel maintain their skills and are updated with new protocols and procedures (as stipulated by the Employment Act 1992).

Organisations in NZ offering appropriate courses include (but are not limited to):

St John First Aid - Level Two (12 Hours)
Red Cross Comprehensive First Aid (2 days)
Triple 1 Care Emergency Medic Course (8-12hrs)
Please check that the course you do meets with the NZ Health & Safety Laws and Regulations.

In Australia, each State has its own laws and regulations regarding workplace first aid requirements. As an example, St John Queensland offers an Apply First Aid course (8hrs) which meets the Workplace Health & Safety Legislation, where as St John New South Wales offers a Senior First Aid course (16hrs) to meet the Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 2001. Generally, validity of these certificates is for 3 years, though some need annual CPR updates. 

Please check that the course you do meets with the Health & Safety Laws and Regulations of the State where you are practicing.